About Papelon


We are Giovanni and Johanna, a London based venezuelan couple striving to bring you joy through our homemade dishes and committed to help you experience Venezuela through our flavors since 2016!

Only fresh ingredients

We use the most genuine and fresh ingredients to make you feel the taste of a traditional Venezuelan dish that is handed down from generation to generation.

Our Story

In Venezuela there is a long tradition of the entire family coming together on the weekends to make cachapas together (a sweet corn bread filled with meat, cheese, beans, plantains, & avocado). My wife & I grew up making these with our parents & grandparents, and many Venezuelans will have similarly fond family memories doing the same. When we moved, we started making cachapas to feel closer to our families & our culture, which we want to share with our fellow Londoners. Unfortunately, much of the world can't come to Venezuela so we're on a mission to bring the best Venezuelan food to the world instead! We're a warm, inclusive, & outgoing culture, which we represent through our food, our business, & our interaction with other traders and customers.
Where do you want to go with your business over the next 3 years:
We would love to have stalls in 3 street food markets across London and, if successful enough, eventually open a permanent fast casual location. 
What do you sell:
Cachapas - This is the star of the show. It's a flattened, fresh sweet corn bread (somewhat like a pancake) filled with a combination of meat, cheese, beans, plantains, & avocado.
Arepas - Bread made with corn flower, crispy outside & fluffy inside. Stuffed with the same ingredient choices as above.
Venezuelan Empanadas - Half moon shaped fried corn flour bread, filled with either beans or cheese.
Tequeños - White cheese wrapped in savoury pastry & fried. It's like a mozzarella stick (but don't ever say that to a Venezuelan!)
Environmental Stance:
1 - Food: All of our food is hand made & homemade with fresh ingredients (no additives or preservatives). We source our produce from other vegetable traders in our local market communities to support their businesses. We source most of our animal products from X farms and seek out antibiotic free & responsibly raised meats.
2 - Packaging: Our packaging is made from recycled material & is 100% biodegradable (we use wooden forks & containers made from recycled cardboard and paper). We stopped serving straws with our drinks to eliminate any single plastic use.
Why street food:
Street food is a way for us to share what we love and where we come from in an unpretentious way (it's a popular form of eating enjoyed by people from all backgrounds & walks of life). We love being part of the trader community & the sense of camaraderie we build with the people around us. Plus, we love being able to access some of London's coolest, most dynamic neighbourhoods.